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Culture Club: Queensland arts, music, theatre news

Phil Brown
The Courier-Mail
IT’S always time for a new David Williamson play, right? And luckily the incredibly prolific Noosa-based playwright has obliged, yet again.

His latest play Odd Man Out had its world premiere at the Ensemble in Sydney recently and will be playing there for a while.

But we won’t have to wait too long for it to travel north to where it was written.

david and kristin williamson
Kristin and David Williamson.Source:Supplied

Direct from the sellout season in Sydney the Noosa Long Weekend Festival (which Williamson and wife Kristin helped found) will present the play for four fundraising performances at The J Theatre in Noosa Heads from March 23-25.

Williamson has been named one of Australia’s National Living Treasures and the tall, genial playwright wears that title well.

Odd Man Out, stars Lisa Gormley and Justin Stewart Cotta and is a romantic comedy about a couple — Ryan and Alice — and according to the director, Mark Kilmurry, it is reminiscent of Casblancaand When Harry Met Sally. Wow!

It starts out as a kind of fairytale but when they get married Alice discovers a side of Ryan she never knew existed and she becomes determined to fix his flaws with ridiculous and disastrous results.

Williamson says the play is about love and chance.

“I’m often struck by the enormous part chance plays in our lives,” he says. “We like to think we control our lives but we don’t. I have been with my dear wife Kristin for 42 years because she stood in at the last minute for another actor. Odd Man Out is about such a chance meeting.” Williamson has written some of our most iconic plays (The Removalists, The Club, Travelling North) and he is a fine screenwriter.

In fact he is now writing Rupert, a theatrical and biographical miniseries about media titan Rupert Murdoch for an American network..

He is a Victorian of course but he has been in Noosa so long we claim him as a Queenslander.

He and Kristin are patrons of the Noosa Long Weekend Festival which has been the setting for many a Williamson play premiere.

Festival president Johanne Wright says it is fitting to have a Williamson play as a fundraiser for the festival.

Seeing the play will be a treat but as festival director Ian Mackellar says, seeing it in Noosa where you experience “a more intimate setting and atmosphere” is an added treat.

Odd Man Out is on at The J Theatre, Noosa Heads from March 23 — 25, tickets are $62.50 or $137.50 for premium seating and an after-show supper with Williamson and the cast; noosaalive.com.au



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