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Introducing Jacqui Trewin ... our entertainment reporter to bring you a series of Q & A Hotseat interviews.

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Jacqueline will share a sneak peek of the performing artists coming to NOOSA alive! REiGNiTE 2021.

First up Jacqueline chats with Pauline Maudy performing  'Paris je t'aime' at Noosa Springs Resort, Thursday 11 March as part of NOOSA alive! REiGNiTE 2021

Jacqueline: Thank you so much for joining me in the Hot Seat, Pauline. 

I understand you were born and grew up in the city of love and lights, aka Paris! What cultural experiences will you channel in your performance of Paris je t'aime?

Pauline: ‘Paris je t’aime’ is an opportunity to share some beautiful songs that connect with parts of my life and identity. Some of that is of course my French upbringing, growing up as a girl in the streets of Paris, guided by French and Moroccan-born parents. I will also sing songs that have stemmed from my experience of moving to Australia and my life after that, from my early days of learning jazz tunes and original French and English compositions I have written in recent years.

Jacqueline: Tell, me what is Paris Je t'aime all about? What does it predominantly represent? Is there a connection with the anthology film with the same title that depicts the concept of love, where people experience romance, heartbreak and despair?

Pauline: I love that you picked up on the cinematic reference! 

Isn’t it a great collection of short films? What I like about it is that it is filled to the brim with the grit of humankind and shows the diversity of experience and perspective that we hold as individuals.


One person’s experience of a place is not the same as someone else’s - some of that has to do with luck but it is also about the meaning we attach to places.

I came to Australia as a teenager with very few expectations of Australia and every experience I have had before and after that time has become a little paver in the road of my journey.

That is mostly what our night together at NOOSA alive! is going to be about, celebrating identity, human experience and pondering whether the grass really is greener on the other side!

Ken Lord from The Sunday Mail says, quote:


"Brisbane based Pauline Maudy, an expatriate French singer, heartbreakingly channelled Edith Piaf... More, please." 


Sounds so inviting, Pauline


Who have been your biggest influences that contribute towards Paris je t'aime?

Pauline: More than people, it is the places I have been that have influenced Paris je t’aime - the feeling I get from walking the streets of Paris in the spring or getting lost in the Australian open country and its amazing skies.

Musically, the show is an amazing ride inspired by Piaf, Nina Simone, Lhasa de Sela and so much more. Together we will travel from Paris in the 1930s to New York jazz bars via some very personal songs that blend many of my influences and experiences.

Jacqueline: I understand you are committed to social progress through your work with diverse communities. How does this work translate to Paris je t'aime for audiences to connect with?


Pauline: Great question. Committing to social progress is a choice we make every day, we might not be perfect at it but we try our best. I grew up believing that I had a responsibility to use my powers for good. For me it takes many forms! it's about being aware of the traditional owners of the land which I am lucky to call home, it is about giving back to communities when we are on tour by forging real connections and exchange, it is about minimising environmental impact whenever we can.


We make a choice to respect places, cultures, and nature and take opportunities to redress disadvantage.

Historically, my work with communities involves working with organisations that represent people with experiences of disability, youth homelessness, and forced migration among other things.

With music being such a big part of my life now, I deliver workshops and connect with communities when on tour. Greta Kelly who plays violin and Shah Kaman in the show is an inspiration when it comes to her work with communities, especially refugees, and it is a joy to join forces with her to plan and deliver programs.

One area I have been passionate about recently is redressing the gender balance in music and I have designed a special program that showcases women jazz instrumentalists from around the country. It brings me so much joy to see amazing women collaborate and shine together.


The super talented Meg Burstow who you will hear on piano at NOOSA alive! has been a part of it. 

I like to think that music connects us and increases our connection to each other.

Jacqueline: Apart from an exquisite 3-course French meal with accompanied drinks to add to the French ambience, what else can Noosa look forward to from Paris je t’aime? Any spoilers?


Pauline: All I can say is that I hope they are ready to follow me on an aural journey from Paris right back to the amazing country we live in.

Jacqueline: Having been to Paris three times and having fallen in love with your performance on Youtube of La Vie

en Rose, makes me want to go back in a heartbeat!


But alas, that is not physically possible at the moment, but you'll transport Paris to Noosa with your performance.


Thank you, Pauline.