The Sydney Reviews are in … and they’re fabulous!

★★★ "Williamson, our most successful and prolific playwright, sets up the trigger from the opening scene...Director Nadia Tass draws out the humour while keeping the bigger issues in focus.”
Sydney Morning Herald

“What transpires between the three generations is often acutely and painfully accurate as Rachel’s teen entitlement and smouldering rage crash into and roll over the jelly-like ineptitude of her parents...SORTING OUT RACHEL has a lot to offer and is often funny, full of insight and some uncomfortable home truths for comfortable Australians.”

“Deceptively domestic. A funny, moving and modern take on familial matters. Yet big issues insert themselves into the viewing…The play has much to say about disparity and separation, speaking discreetly and quietly from a distant room on privilege, legacy and belonging.”
Sydney Arts Guide

"There is never a dull moment as the characters challenge each other and the audience. The award winning director Nadia Tass has created a theatrical experience that both entertains and incites discussion. John Howard gives an outstanding performance as the alpha male who uses the carrot of inheritance and the threat of disinheritance to manipulate change. Jenna Owen captures the difficult teenager Rachel perfectly, as she manipulates her mother and father, but not her grandfather to get her own way. Chenoa Deemal, Glenn Hazeldine and Natalie Saleeba all give professional performances that totally engages the audience. Did I love this play? Yes!"
Susanne Gervay

"So, with SORTING OUT RACHEL, has Williamson lived up to the towering expectation established by his reputation? His collaboration with Tass as director has lifted the bar even higher...SORTING OUT RACHEL at the Ensemble Theatre is well worth putting on your "must see” list.”
Sydney Chic

"The cast is exceptional and together they create an absorbing drama, beneath which is a clear subtext about the ever-evolving issue of Australian identity...Thumbs up!"
Oz Baby Boomers