William McInnes

July 22, 2024 9:30 am - 11:00 am The J Theatre
60 Noosa Drive, Noosa Junction, Qld 4567


William McInnes
In Conversation

William McInnes is one of Australia’s most popular writers and actors. His books include the bestselling memoirs A Man’s Got to Have a Hobby and That’d Be Right. In 2012 his book Worse Things Happen at Sea, co-written with his wife, Sarah Watt, was named the best non-fiction title in the ABIA and Indie Awards.

Also an award-winning actor and best known for his leading roles in Blue Heelers, SeaChange, Total Control and The Newsreader, William has won two Logies and two AFI/AACTA Awards for Best Actor in the film Unfinished Sky and Best Supporting Actor in The Newsreader.

Please join William McInnes at 9.30am on Monday, 22 July at The J Theatre in Noosa to hear about his life, career and his latest book “Yeah, Nah! “.

“Yeah, Nah!” is a collection of hilarious memories and moments inspired by Australia’s way with words. Join bestselling Australian storyteller William McInnes as he reflects on Australia’s way of life and gives us his own take on our colourful and colloquial way with words. Whether we are bunging it on or behaving like a drongo, Australians have a turn of phrase for every situation that helps us.

Our lingo helps us through life’s landmark occasions. It’s there in our fatalistic humour at moments of drama or heartbreak. It’s there when we cut through the media hype, call out self-important BS or reflect on the ways our sporting heroes behave both on and off the field. And it’s also there in the quiet conversations we have with ourselves.

We use it to mark the ups and downs of our friendships and to navigate our relationships with our kids and families. Our love of plain speaking, of calling a spade a bloody shovel, communicates the essence of the thing to our mates, to those in the know – and to those at the top who should know better.

Part memoir, part manifesto, this warm, witty, poignant and laugh-out-loud funny collection will have you thinking about what you say, how you say it and what that really says about us as a nation.

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The J Theatre
60 Noosa Drive, Noosa Junction, Qld 4567



Event Date & Time

July 22, 2024 9:30 am - 11:00 am

DURATION | 90 minutes
Includes ‘In Conversation’ – Audience Q&A and Book sales


Literary – In Conversation


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